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6 Ways to Reuse the RO Waste Water

Nowadays, most of people are using RO water purifiers in their homes. Do you know if you don’t find the Ways to Reuse the RO Waste Water from RO water purifier you will waste approx 3 litres of water to purify 1 litre of water.See, it wastes more than double, or we can say three times more water it loses.Do you ever think of their are number Ways to Reuse the RO Waste Water? No right,Then questions come in your mind.


Why we reuse waste water?

Generally, in one family, we daily use 20-25 litre of water, so, for this much water, it wastes around 60-75 litre water.As we all have drinking water in limited form, so we try to save water as much we can. But before using RO waste water, this thing you must remember. Before you use waste water you must check its TDS level of waste water. Sometimes waste water of TDS Level is so high like hell we can’t reuse again. So check the TDS level not to go higher than 2500 PPM.

Where to store waste water?

Now your mind checking for where can reuse waste water. But where can we store in a bucket? That not possible right because one bucket has 15 litres have storage, so we can’t keep 60-75 litres daily.

  • Here is the solution you can extend the pipe of waste water to the tank you use in the kitchen for washing your utensils.
  • If you are using a water harvesting facility in your home so you can extend waste water pipe there.

6 Ways to Reuse the RO Waste Water

1) Mopping Floors

As we love to keep clean our homes, so here you can use RO waste water it is an effortless way to reuse as you clean your floor daily you may need around 10-12 litres of water daily.But never using mopping floors in waste water you must check the TDS level of waste water. It does not go higher than 2000 PPM.

if it goes then you can: –

  • Add some amount of RO Purified water. It helps to reduce the TDS level.
  • You can use this water in alternate days to minimize saltwater, and it helps to reduce the yellowness of the floor.

2) At Your Toilets

Do you know that in every flush we use in the bathroom, we sent approximately 5-7 litres of water to clean our waste.So here you can use RO waste water for flushing extend the waste water pipe and joint that it straightforward way to reuse

3) Car Wash


Do you know that every time we wash the car, we use 15-100 litres of water. By only washing, this is the best place to reuse RO waste water.Keep in mind before washing your car. You must check the TDS level of waste water. It must not goes higher then 1200-1500 PPM if it goes, then add some RO Purified water for lowering the TDS level.

4) Utensils Cleaning

Waste RO water can help wash all kinds of Utensils because it contains a high TDS level and salt. It helps to clean your Utensils very easily.But before that, you must check the TDS level of waste water. It should not be higher than 1500 PPM.

5) Washing Clothes

You can wash your clothes by waste RO waste water, but before that, you must check the dresses which are suitable for that water or not some clothes are may not be ideal in that water it may damage your clothes.

6) Watering to Plants

RO waste water can be used for gardening or watering the plants if you have done some growing in your home that is the best use for watering plants. Because the plant can take water up to 2500 PPM. But you must check the water, and you can test 14-15 days plants are growing or not after that you can use a regular basis, or you can dilute some RO Purified water into waste water, and you can use for watering plants.

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