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Water Purifier Buying Guide? RO, UV, or UF?

Here is a Water Purifier Buying Guide for you all have these kinds of doubts. Want to buy a water purifier? Which technology is the best RO, UV, or UF?

What price did you want rupees 5000, 10000, 15000? Which water purifier you buy TDS control or alkaline? Always salesman asks these questions to you before telling you which purifier is best for you.

Water Purifier Buying Guide

What is the Technology behind this Water Purifier?

RO Technology

It gives us the purest form of water. There is no better technology that came into the market to overcome this technology.

In this technology, they use one membrane tube, and inside this tube, it has different kinds of filters. So, if water enters inside this membrane through pressure, then it purifies all water.

Because inside the membrane, it has very tiny holes. The size of holes is 0.0001 micron even we can’t able to see these holes.

Here water release through pressure and it will give you purest form of water and who can’t able to pass through this hole that all will be waste products like impurities, metals, minerals removed through this process.

Form this we got water that is tasteless and transparent water. It also needs electricity to provide pressure in the pump to a membrane chamber.

UV (Ultraviolet Rays) Technology

Another method of purifying water is UV technology. In this, we pass water through a UV chamber.

UV chamber usually is made up of stainless steel. And that is good for health and water also But some companies give this chamber made up of aluminum that is not good for health and water.

Before buying, you must check out what kind of chamber it has.

Now inside the UV chamber, water goes left side to the right side. And between this, they have placed an ultraviolet ray.

All water passes through this chamber, and it gives us pure water. Because ultraviolet rays kill all bacteria viruses present in water

In this, there is no wastage of water that can be done. It also needs electricity to provide a UV rays chamber.

UF (Ultrafiltration) Technology

UF Technology is another water purifying process where it filters water through a combination of roots through gravity technology.

It means like any tree takes water form land through its root and root purifies water through small holes like that only it also does the same.

It has a small holes form where it purifies water.

Then you will be confused RO Technology does even hole and UF Technology also might be both same. But wait for size or both holes are different RO have 0.0001 microns whereas UF Have 0.01 micron.

But, before installing one of these, you must know something else.

Like water is coming from where? It’s from municipal, BMC, bore well, hand pump, or well, etc.

So after that, you want to see how much impurities are there in your water. You can know this by the help of it.

TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) Meter

It helps to see the water you are drinking inside that how much impurities it has in a solid form that we can’t able to see.

Stable in the sense micro-particle that your naked eyes can’t able to see that can be minerals, heavy metal, impurities all mixed in water. That TDS meter gives the information about how much dissolved solid is present in water.

So before buying any water purifier, you must check the water by TDS meter. This TDS meter not only counts the impurities but also count all kind of essential minerals present in it in total.

Their us one organization BIS (Bureau of Indian Standard) it says that a human can front water up to 500 TDS.

It does not harm your body, but I’d TDS above 500, then it may have impurities that may be chemical wastage, toxic product, etc. That may harm your body.

So generally if you drink water a bore well or well their TDS goes up to 700-1000. So, that water we have to filter so we can drink that water.

But you are getting water from any govt. an agency like municipal, BMC, so you did not require any water purifier their TDS goes up to 100 to 300.

So it did not become necessary that you use the RO Technology purifier you getting from municipals or MBC. Because it will remove all kind of essential minerals that your body needs

Mainly RO Technology water purifier used in ships because It helps to filter ocean water so they can drink ocean water, and it is not for home. Or RO technology can be used for those who have TDS more than 500.

You can use UF and UV technology if your TDS meter is below 500 like you get TDS of 200-300 in municipal so there you can use And if your water has some viruses and bacterias, then you can use UV Technology to clean water.

Otherwise, you can use UF technology for Normally filtration of water.

Some companies say we have all kinds of technology.

RO, UV, and UF Technology but once you think that if the water is passing through very tiny holes then water large holes will do nothing.

If you check TRD of any water company it uses all purifying technology, so their only we have water nothing else their TDS meter is going up to 10-20 maximum.

What does the TDS controller do?

Then Water purifier buying guide you must be thinking that some companies use a TDS controller to control TDS meter. It does not manage any TDS of water.

If we open any water purifier, then we can see that there is water purifies in two ways, one RO Technology And another side some water goes to the TDS controller chamber where it does nothing pass the water.

Then it mixes with purified water, So after that RO technology water and Normal water both mix and company says we have TDS controller in our system.

TDS controller is nothing but a just a useless thing that company gives us.

After that, you must observe that if you drink RO technology purified water, you may feel acidic water Or you may have some acidic problem it happens because RO technology gives some pure water, so it is slightly acidic.

So then they put the alkaline filter in this they chemical inside it. It helps to reduce the pH value of water, and it helps to decrease the acidic nature of water, and after that, if your drink that water, you feel healthy


The water purifier buying guide will help to choose the best as per your requirements. RO is the best water purifier among all after that you get any UV water purifier; after that, you can take UF technology water purifier but as per your need.

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