Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV) Review, Price

Mi Smart Water Purifier (RO+UV)

Mi Smart Water Purifier launch before that we know water purifiers are a pretty common thing in India. Now water purifiers go way back where a simple purifier could be connected to a tap to get slightly cleaner water to the new modern RO filters that can cost quite a lot.

And the reason why water purifiers are so popular in India because our sources of water or our water system are not the cleanest, and the water that we get in our tap is usually unhealthy for drinking directly.

So, Xiaomi is launching a new MI smart water purifier, which takes away from what is typically known to be taboos around water purifier. So, for example, whenever a water purifier breaks down, you don’t know what is wrong with the water purifier, and you need to call a service technician. They’ll usually replace filters or give you some excuse whether the pump is not working or something like that.

With the Xiaomi water purifier, everything is now smart, so this is an intelligent water purifier it connects via Wi-Fi to the MI home app.

It also allows you to not only monitor the TDS levels of your water incoming but also TDS levels of your water that is dispensing to you.

So, you don’t need a third-party test tool or a TDS testing pen of that Xiaomi also sales.

The Xiaomi water purifier is available at Rs. 12,999.

MI Smart Water Purifier has a Five-Stage Water Purifier.

Stage one and two are in the first filter which is the PPC filter this has the polypropylene cotton and the activated carbon filter this removes things like chlorine, color, odor, and any kind of\ organic matter that is in your water supply.

This stage is clean by the first sort of cartridge, which has this early in the second stage.

This cartridge has a life span of 1 year or 10000 liters of tap water, and at the time of replacement, it will cost you Rs. 1,299.

Stage three is the RO (reverse osmosis) filter. Now, this is the second cartridge that goes into your water purifier. And this will cut down on heavy metals, bacteria, viruses, scales, things like organic matter and impurities till 0.0001 microns.

This cartridge has a life span of 1 year or 3600 liters of pure water, and at the time of replacement, it will cost you Rs. 1799.

The fourth stage, which is the third cartridge, is a PAC (post activated carbon filter). So, after the purification is completethis is a carbon filter that removes any residual odor and any remaining organic matter from your water, basically making it as clean as possible.

This cartridge has a life span of 1 year or 3600 liters of pure water, and at the time of replacement, it will cost you Rs. 899

The fifth stage or final stage is the UV sterilizationwhich happens within the tank. And it sterilizes the water every four hours for a total of 20 minutes, so even if you don’t have your water to used within the tank, this will sterilize it every four hours.

So, any bacteria that may form after four hours will be killed automatically with the water purifier.

Easy to Replace Filters

The unique thing about these cartridges is that they are user-replaceable. The app will tell you.

What life of the cartridge is left, and once you run out of that life, you can replace, remove, and order new cartridges. from Xiaomi’s website or Flipkart and then replace them yourself.

This will not only save you time but also save you a lot of money like service fees and additional visitation charges that a service company may charge you.

And also, make sure that you always get authentic filters because you’ll be ordering directly from Xiaomi’s website.

We have done an Actual Test.

Now, this purifier will purify more or less TDS up to 90%, and this is a real scenario when we went for the actual demonstration they poured in water, which was 1700 TDS, and it broke it down to about 150 TDS.

This is impressive here in our office outside water is usually around 300 to 400 TDS, and it breaks it down to about 39-40 TDS, which is what we are getting in the output. If you know How to Check the TDS Level of Water at Home? Click here.


Mi Smart Water Purifier has a storage capacity of 7 liters, and it consumes 42 watts of power.

The purified water rate is about 0.13 liters per minute, which is approximately seven to eight minutes to give you a liter of pure Water.

Another thing that a lot of people should be aware of is that there is a 33% water recovery from this water purifier.

That means that approximately two liters of water will be waste for every one liter of pure water.


Overall this Mi Smart Water Purifier is affordable concerning the features that it offers. It is also easy to use because you have an app that monitors everything.

And you know what kind of TDS value you’re getting from your water. It has UV sterilization, which means that it is actively killing bacteria, and it also tells you on the app that it is presently sterilizing the water.

You also have you’re in TDS, and you’re out TDS along with filter replacement warnings, and the fact that you can buy filters and replace them yourself makes this a pretty smart and ingenious water purifier.